Rally is the most spectacular form of Motorsport on the planet. No other sport shows the thrill, the speed and the heart stopping sideways drifts to better effect. Rally driving is mix of; skill, judgement and a dash of courage to slide sideways past trees and other natural obstacles with just inches to spare, and we can take you there!

We offer the complete package. Everything from Rally Driving Experiences to building cars and running a Rally team. If you want to get into Motorsport, we're only to happy to help!

All of our driving experiences, Motorsport and advanced training is run at our venue in Dowerin.  Dowerin is in the picturesque wheat belt of WA, approx 1.5 hours drive north east of the Perth metro area. Event calendars on pages show details of dates and times. Our calendar is structured around the WA state rally championship (WARC) and our own competition program.

Car building and maintenance is performed in Perth which falls in line with our championship and team commitments. The WARC has seven rallies mostly in the south west that run from late March to mid November. We do travel to other states and international events as required.